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The easy-threading Clover Desk Needle Threader

People who enjoy patchwork quilting know that to create one quilt takes an amazing amount of repeated threading.
Threading a tiny needle with a soft thread is a tough job for the most experienced artist.
As a manufacturer of fine needles, Clover has long strived to create a needle-threading device that combines the important elements of simplicity, durability, design, and a reasonable price.
After countless designs, prototype tests, and equipment development, Clover produced the Desk Threader.
It has become popular not only with patchwork quilters or sewing enthusiasts, but also aged customers and housewives, in Japan, Europe, and America.
Clover’s high quality and functionality have again gained the recognition of the world.

Using veteran needle knowledge and technology to accurately thread needles

Using the same know-how it used to create the high-quality needles, Clover has crafted a device that perfectly threads the needle every time. The Desk Threader can accurately thread Clover needles (0.51 mm – 0.89 mm width). Use with quality-crafted Clover needles, which have consistent needle hole size.

Easy for anyone to use

Simply set the needle and thread, then press the button.
Difficult threading becomes quick and easy with the Desk Threader.

Skeleton construction, a sign of confidence

With a stylish body and skeleton (half transparent) construction,  the Desk Threader invites the user to peek inside and see the ingenious engineering it contains, and shows Clover’s confidence in its craftsmanship.

Clover Achieves Function and Quality through In-House Development.



Some years ago, I made many Yo-Yo with pale colors.
They were my favorite.

Now, I tried to make some Yo-Yo with wax fabric.

Snice last year, I have seen many wax fabric in Europe and also they are available in Japan.

You can make yo-yo easily with CLOVER's "QUICK" Yo-Yo Maker.

Cut fabric along with the plate by Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors.

You can thread easily with Desk Needle Threader.

Start stitching with Black Gold Needle.

Keep stitching.

Completed stitching round.

Remove the plate.

Pull the thread and make fabric gathered.

Make a knot and cut the thread with "KUROHA" Thread Clipper.

Now, a Yo-Yo is finished!

It's fun to make Yo-Yo with favorite fabric!

Thank you so much for coming to our stand at h+h 2018.

We hope you enjoyed visiting the show.

Taking pictures for the panels used for h+h in Cologne.

CLOVER will be exhibiting at h+h cologne 2018 – Cologne, Germany from 23rd to 25th March, 2018. 

We will be at Booth No. D-30, Hall 3.2. 

We are pleased to welcome you to visit our booth in order to know more about our newest products and our product lines.

For more information, please visit:

We hope to see you all there!

We had uploaded a project sheet for Tassel Maker.

You can make your original accessories with sewing thread and some beads.

Please find it at the menu of "Projects".