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What is it?

These are pressing issues. Shakespeare might even ask, “To press or not to press, that is the question.” Well, no matter who is asking the question, the answer is the same, a resounding yes to press. Some very important things happen when we press each seam as we sew it and they make all the difference between something that looks “finished” and something that looks much more amateurish. Pressing as you go allows your project to acquire the intended shape more quickly and allows you to spot problems and make timely adjustments. Often we face a series of complicated construction steps in our sewing processes involving several seams. It is absolutely essential that we press one seam before sewing another seam that will cross it. Once we’ve sewn one seam across the other we’ve lost the opportunity to properly press the first seam. Any irregularities that result are now a permanent part of our garment or sewn project. Ever wonder why some garments looks so smooth while others have puckered seams that are just impossible to get out? Chances are the seams of the former were pressed correctly as the garment was constructed. Taking the time to press every seam is the magic that makes all the difference. But if we’re going to do it, it makes sense to do it right, right? Procedure – press the seam flat first and then press it open or to the side. Tools – the right tool for the right job. And that’s where Clover comes in. If pressing is so important to the creative process then precise pressing is essential. To that end Clover has developed three very useful pressing tools, the Roll & Press, the Hold It Precision Stiletto and the Point 2 Point Turner. Each has its place and each contributes to that much sought after “finished” appearance.


What does it do?

Fabric manipulation is at the very center of any sewn project. We measure it, mark it, cut it, fold it, pin it, sew it and press it. Clover manufactures tools that assist us at every step of the process. Three of them are particularly essential to pressing seams – the Roll & Press, the Hold It Precision Stiletto and the Point 2 Point Turner.



Art No. 7812 Roll & Press

The newest in the Clover line up of pressing tools. Think finger pressing on steroids. Several design features make it unique. First of all the handle is ergonomically designed to make it both comfortable and easy to manipulate. The roller is designed with a slight arc so you can “finger press” seams without leaving edge marks. The roller also presses without pulling or distorting our fabric as we press. Perfect for everything from paper piecing to heavy laminates.




Art No. 7807 Hold It Precision Stiletto

The name says it all. This tool allows you to hold seams precisely where you want them for either the sewing or pressing processes. All of us have burned a finger trying to hold a seam and press it or cringed a little as we push a seam ever closer to the machine needle as we’re sewing complicated seams. Worry no longer. The Precision Stiletto is designed to help us with both. It’s made of strong, durable plastic with an angled point at one end and a silicon “grippy tip” at the other end. Both ends are iron proof so get as close as you want and either gives you a perfect view of your seam as we guide it beneath the machine needle. No burns, no punctures. Problem solved.




Art No. 7803 Point 2 Point Turner

This is truly the Swiss Army Knife® of point turners. Every surface has a use. The large flat blade on one end is perfect for finger pressing. Easily open and press seams before or instead of pressing. There are two turning points, one at either end. The sharp point is perfect for more acute angles like collar points. The broad point on the other end is perfect for seams that are more open allowing us to turn them on grain without distorting our fabric. The long edges on the sides are great for turning long seams, both straight and curved, and the sharp edge on the end is a perfect hera marker. This is a very handy tool indeed.



By Steve Butler

A powder chalk which allows you to mark fabric as if you are drawing with a pen

A powder-based chalk for drawing thin, beautiful lines.

With its pen-like use, you can make marks as if you are drawing freehand.



Features of Chaco Liner Pen Style

Length, thickness and angle that are easy to hold

The length and thickness have been designed to achieve the pen-like ease-of-use.

Also, the chalk can be easily turned around to draw both straight and curved lines freely as it supports many different angles.

Marks can be easily made along the ruler

You can draw beautiful lines along the ruler with the pointed tip.

The amount of remaining powder is visible

You can see how much powder you have left through the transparent case.

Save time on refilling by exchanging the cartridge

Powder can be refilled easily by simply exchanging the cartridge.

When refilling, the powder will hardly spill over or dirty your hand.

Smooth touch

The shape of the sharp gear tooth, inner parts and powder components were carefully reviewed to achieve a smooth touch.

What kind of Pin Cushion do you have?

Do you like to make your original pin cushions with your favorite fabric?

You can make your original pin cushion with CLOVER “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker.

Once you made the pin cushion, you can attach it at the top of cap of the jar.

Spool of thread or some accessories can be stored in the jar.


If you make the yo-yo with coarse fabric, the pin cushion can be used for darning needles.


The third one is my favorite.

I don’t like to leave the pin cushion with needles and pins on my working table.

I put it on a shelf or cover it with something.

Then, I made the one which can be stored with pins and needles in the jar.

You need to make the pin cushion smaller than the cap of jar and attach it inside of the cap.

Today, we uploaded the project sheet to make “Yo-Yo Pin Cushion with Jar”.

Please check it out!



The days when scissors were only good if the person using them was good are over.

Clover technology has created KUROHA, which has combined the refined skill of the scissor craftsman with machine precision to gain the loyalty of many users since its release.


Machined to perfect precision quality,

Black scissors leave consistent shapes and cuts every time


The handle and blades of Clover's KUROHA are created separately, raising their precision of shape and connection point and thereby eliminating the need for separate machining of blade points. The Clover process has made large-scale production of consistently high-quality scissors possible.


Clover has created the perfect scissor feel for any user by improving both blade and handle.


Highly precise machining gives the blade faces a smooth and tight fit with each other, making better cuts and cut continuation possible.

Using a special resin for the handles, the KUROHA has the optimum combination of resilience and durability against bending.

Together, this blade precision and comfortable grip make the scissors a warm, friendly item to enjoy using.


Developed by Clover, Produced by Clover for the Highest Quality


Maintaining the easy-to-use traditional shape, KUROHA feature the latest technology and materials.

In addition to sharp, accurate cuts, the scissors also have handles made of custom resin to afford the user a lightness and durability.


Blade: Carbon Tooled Steel

Handle: Fiber Glass Reinforced Resin


Blade tips meet precisely because of accurate and consistent shaping.

Each pair is hand-tested for its cut before going to market.

Today, we had uploaded the new project sheet “Pom Pom Monkey”.

You can make lovely monkey with our Pom-Pom Maker and our felting tools.

We have 3 types of “Needle Felting Tool” and all of them come with very fine needle(s).

Art No. 8902 Single Needle Felting Tool

For small items and details.

Art No. 8901 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool - 3 needles.

For speeding up the early stage of felting.

Art No. 8905 Needle Felting Tool, up to 5 needles.

To tackle a large project.

For the project sheet of Pom-Pom Monkey, 2 of them, Art No. 8902 Single Needle Felting Tool and Art No. 8901 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool are used.

Here is the testimonials from the designer Sachiyo Ishii who made “Pom Pom Monkey” for us.

She refers to our tools of Art No. 8902 Single Needle Felting Tool and Art No. 8901 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool and the needle itself inside the each tool.


I have searched high and low for quality felting needles through online specialist.

Felting needles come in different size and shape; the larger the needle number the finer the needle.

The most commonly used are #36 to #40 range, triangular or star point.

I like to use fine needle because it does not leave holes after punching with it.


Clover Fine Weight Needles do not come with gauge number on the package but apparently, it is #40, triangular.

As for the Heavy Weight Needles, they seem to be equivalent to #36 and these two cover most needs.

My favourite is Fine Weight.

It is an all-rounder which works well from an early stage of felting to finishing up details.


Fine needles have fewer barbs but Clover Fine Weight Needles has 6 barbs, 2 on each edge.

It is a delight to use this product. It goes in the fleece very smoothly and leaves no marks.

I have used needles with same gauge and shape in the past but never felt as comfortable as this one.

There is more to the descriptions for felting needles.

Triple needles (Pen Style it is called) are another amazing tool.

I had to ask myself where I have been all this time!

When you are using multiple needles, you feel more resistance, however, this product has the same very fine #40 needles bundled up closely together.

This tool speeds up your felting tremendously.

I have been felting for years but I have never come across as an exciting tool as this one.

I heavily rely on the triple needles now and cannot think of living without them!

The holder prevents needle(s) from breakage, make you feel safer and easy on your hand.

I used to use a single needle without a handle but since the switch to the Pen Style, I noticed that I am more aware of working with a sharp tool.

I haven’t pricked myself since the switch.


Try Clover’s innovative felting tools.

You may discover something new even if you are a veteran felter!