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Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors

Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors/Shears

Innovative technique ensures a fine cut and unsurpassed durability.
These small, portable stainless-steel scissors can smoothly cut thick or multiple layers of fabric.
With strong, durable blades and the soft-to-grip handle, the scissors ensures a fine cut.

• Sharpness and durability
Sharpness and durability are achieved by precision grinding of high quality stainless steel.
This allows us to cut thick, dense or multiple layers of fabric easily and with precision.

• Durable blades
Scissors with highly durable blades made of high-quality stainless steel treated with a hardening process.

• Easy-to-grip handle
The easy-to-grip handle is designed to minimize the fatigue associated with numerous or long cuts.
The handle is ambidextrous.

Genuine leather sheath included.

Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 130
13 cm
Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors 170
17 cm
Bordeaux Ultimate Shears 200
20 cm