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Looking for a lovely Christmas craft idea to do this year? Here are 9 projects to make your holidays brighter.


[Yarn Crafts Ideas]

  Pom Pom Wreath  


  Winter Warm Crochet Wreath


-Recommended Tools-

  Pom-Pom Maker :

  Beautiful pom-poms made easy.



  Tassel Maker : 

  Create tassels with your favorite threads!



  Flower Loom :

  Easy-to-use loom creates flowers for round, square, and hexagonal designs.



[Knitting Ideas]

  Santa and reindeer



  Christmas Puppies



  Christmas Teddy


-Recommended Tools-

  Bamboo Knitting Needles Takumi Single Pointed (23 cm)

  Perfect knitting needles for working a small toy project.


  Mini Knitting Counter

  A convenient way to track the number of knitted stitches and rows.



[Fabric Craft Ideas]

  Christmas Baby in Stocking


-Recommended Tool-

  Desk Needle Threader

  Thread your needles quickly with the help of our Desk Needle Threader. For sewing and quilting needles.



  Christmas Log Cabin Table Mat


-Recommended Tool-

  Bias Tape Maker

  Create your own bias tapes in minutes.



  Pine Tree Decoration


-Recommended Tool-

  "QUICK" Yo-Yo Makers

  Quick and easy to make nicely shaped Yo-Yos!


  Rosette Decorations for Christmas


-Recommended Tool-

  Rosette Maker

  It's so easy to create beautiful Rosettes.



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What kind of Pin Cushion do you have?

Do you like to make your original pin cushions with your favorite fabric?

You can make your original pin cushion with CLOVER “QUICK” Yo-Yo Maker.

Once you made the pin cushion, you can attach it at the top of cap of the jar.

Spool of thread or some accessories can be stored in the jar.


If you make the yo-yo with coarse fabric, the pin cushion can be used for darning needles.


The third one is my favorite.

I don’t like to leave the pin cushion with needles and pins on my working table.

I put it on a shelf or cover it with something.

Then, I made the one which can be stored with pins and needles in the jar.

You need to make the pin cushion smaller than the cap of jar and attach it inside of the cap.

Today, we uploaded the project sheet to make “Yo-Yo Pin Cushion with Jar”.

Please check it out!

“Amigurumi” by flat knitting not circular knitting

Have you ever tried to make “Amigurumi”?

I thought “Amigurumi” is made with crochet hook or circular knitting.

This year, I met a designer who makes many lovely “Amigurumi” by flat knitting.

Now, we had uploaded project sheets of her work.


Amigurumi: Cat In Jumper by knitting

Amigurumi: Frog by crochet

Please find them and try to make “Amigurumi”!

You can make the parts by flat knitting then seam the parts.

It might be easier for someone than circular knitting?

We will upload some further cute “Amigurumi” by knitting after this.


Amigurumi: Mouse In Dungarees by knitting

Amigurumi: Sheep by crochet

Our new project sheet is updated every Tuesday.

Please check it out!

We had uploaded a project sheet for Tassel Maker.

You can make your original accessories with sewing thread and some beads.

Please find it at the menu of "Projects".

We had uploaded a project sheet for Beading Loom.

You can make your original strap with your favorite colors easily.

Please find it at the menu of "Projects".