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Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

1. Our commitment to reducing use of plastic packaging

We try to avoid using plastics as much as possible, opting for alternative materials wherever practicable for product packaging and bags that we hand out to visitors at events such as trade shows and exhibitions.

2. Reuse of packaging material used in wholesale transportation

Recycling and reusing the packaging materials, such as cardboard, used in the product distribution process.

3. Manufacturing at a factory with low environmental impact

Continuously working to decrease the environmental impact of production and distribution locations based on the environmental management system (ISO14001)*.

*What is the environmental management system?

It is a standard issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is also known as EMS. It is a standard used all over the world that stipulates the process for carrying out initiatives to achieve the environmental policy and objectives that a company sets. “Environmental management system” refers to clarifying the company’s impact on the environment with respect to all people (local residents, interested parties) and things (water, air, etc.) that it affects, and if it is having a negative impact, creates a system to resolve that. Companies use the ISO14001 standard to build a management system that continuously improves their impact on the environment. After passing inspection from what is referred to as a third-party accreditation body (inspection agency), the company is eligible to receive a registration certificate. This is what is meant by “acquiring ISO certification.” Clover obtained certification for the Higashi-Osaka office, which includes a factory and distribution center, in July 2000.