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Flower Ring


Diseñado por

Shigeko Kaji



Crochet thread #20: (218 m/50 g)

One pearl bead 6 mm in diameter

Sewing thread


ch: chain stitch

sc: single crochet

sl st: slip stitch

dc: double crochet

tr: treble crochet

dtc: double treble crochet



Hoja de proyecto (pdf)


Cómo se hace


Chain 61 (43 chains for flower + 18 chains for ring part) Adjust number of chain acoording to your finger size.

Ch61 leaving a 30 cm end. (43 chains for flower + 18 for ring part. Adjust number of chain according to your Finger size in rig part).


Row 1: sc1 in back bump of second chain from hook, [ch1, sc1 in every second chain's back bump] repeat [] to end.Finish with sc1


Row 2: ch1, sc in first sc.
A [ch2, dc3 in next eh sp, ch2, sc1 in next sc ] 2
B [ch2, work in next eh sp: (dc1, trl, dc1 ), eh 2, sc1 in next sc] 3
C [ch2, work in next eh sp: (dc1, tr2, dc1 ), ch2, sc1 in next sc] 4
D [ch2, work in next eh sp: (dc1, tr3, dc1 ), ch2, sc1 in next sc] 6
E [ch3, work in next eh sp: (tr2, dtr1, tr2), ch3, sc1 in next sc] 6
Continue working: [ch1, sc1 in next sc]. Repeat[] to end. Finish row sc in last sc.
Cut yarn leaving a 20 cm end.


Using 30 cm (you left at the beginning of work) wind from pattern A through to end of pattern E Fasten tightly the bottom of flower. Then use the 20 cm yarn (you left end of the work) to attach ring part to sew under flower.


Sew pearl bead to center of flower. With darning needle, draw the yarn end through rem sts twice and fasten tight. Make pomporn(wind yarn A and yarn B together until yarn A is used up) and attach it to top of cap.