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Bamboo Knitting Repair Hooks


What is it?

You’ve been making remarkable progress on your new knitting project. Amazingly so and in spite of all of those interruptions. Who knew? Smooth sailing and it’s working up fast. But then you see it. Something looks wrong. Long, uninterrupted horizontal cords of yarn. It looks like a ladder right in the middle of your project. Oh no. Somehow you missed a loop and a stitch has been dropped. The problem is you didn’t even notice for several rows. Maybe even five or six rows. Now it’s ruined. You remember a knitting instructor telling you once, “There is no crying in knitting.” Okay, no crying but really, what can be done about the gap in stitches? The first impulse might be to pull out all of the stitches down to the dropped stitch. But if it’s a large project, that might be a lot of work to rip out and then a lot of work to replace. So . . . maybe it’s time to reconsider crying. No, just kidding. The smart folks at Clover sympathize and want to help. We knit too. To make short work of what could be very long work, Clover has developed the Bamboo Knitting Repair Hook set. With these clever little tools you can go down six or seven rows and repair the dropped stitch, restoring your project to the pristine vision you had for it to begin with. It’s easy. No kidding. And more importantly, no crying.

       Art No. 3009 Bamboo Knitting Repair Hooks

What does it do?

Clover’s Bamboo Knitting Repair Hook set is everything you’ve come to expect from us and more. Made to the same high standards and from the same fine bamboo stock as our Takumi knitting needles, the bamboo repair set is a “must have” for any knitting kit. These hooks allow you to manipulate your yarn to easily and effectively repair a dropped stitch from several rows down. The set is comprised of two needles, manufactured in two different sizes to allow you to select the one most suitable for the yarn weight you are using. Each tool is designed with a knitting needle point at one end and a crochet hook at the other. This allows a wide variety of technique applications depending on the repair method that is best employed. Knit or purl, it’s all possible.

-Unravelling stitches

-Picking up new stitches

-Using as a mini crochet hook

By Steve Butler