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Desk Needle Threader


What is it? - Few things are more essential to the sewing process than the hand sewing needle.  They were around even before thread and fabric.  Think about it.  Ancient ancestors used “pointed” objects to perforate animal hides so they could be laced together with cords.  It was only a matter of time until some smart cave person joined those pointed objects to the cords to save time. Apply technology and years later we have highly advanced, modern hand sewing needles that do basically the same thing.  But these evolved sewing tools now address specific needs of virtually every sewing genre including general sewing, appliqué, embroidery, ribbon embroidery, quilting, upholstery, tapestry, basting, beading, darning, tailoring, etc. and etc.  One thing has not changed though.  All of these needles have the smallest possible eyes through which to insert our thread.  The least favorite thing any hand sewer (and let’s face it, we’re all hand sewers at some point in every project) likes to do is thread those tiny little needles.  This problem is exacerbated by “mature eyesight”.  And it’s never timely.  You’re on a roll.  The end is in sight and that’s when we need to thread or re-thread our needle and it isn’t easy and it takes time away from what we really want to be doing.  And even with a good hand held needle threader we still have to insert that thin (sometimes hard to see) wire loop through the needle eye (hard to see) and then position the thread through that wire loop and then pull it all through the eye of the needle.  Workable but how can we make all of this infinitely easier?  How can we make it routine instead of dreaded?  Clover’s Desk Needle Threader is the how.

Art No. 4071 - 4073  Desk Needle Threader

 Art No. 4071 Desk Needle Threader (Purple)

 Art No. 4072 Desk Needle Threader (Green)

 Art No. 4073 Desk Needle Threader (Pink)

What does it do? In short it takes all of the frustration out of threading hand sewing needles. And who needs frustration?  Exactly.  The Desk Needle Threader is the absolute easiest way to thread hand sewing needles.  It is a standalone device that rests solidly on any table or flat surface near your work area.  Simply place the eye end of the needle into the threader (don’t worry, the eye will be aligned automatically), lay your thread across the slot next to the head of the needle and then press the lever down and release.  When you pull the needle out of the threader you will see a handy little loop protruding from the eye.  Grab it between finger and thumb and pull the thread all the way through the eye.  You’ve just threaded your needle in mere seconds.  No frustration. There’s even an included thread cutter so you don’t even need scissors.  What could be easier?  Just seconds and you’re back to your sewing project.


 1. Insert the thread and hold it gently.

 2. Insert the needle eye down into the needle hole.

3. Press the lever once.

*Press the lever softly while holding the thread gently.

4. Pull the needle.

5. Cut the thread.