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Making Yo-Yo


Some years ago, I made many Yo-Yo with pale colors.

They were my favorite.

Now, I tried to make some Yo-Yo with wax fabric.

Snice last year, I have seen many wax fabric in Europe and also they are available in Japan.

You can make yo-yo easily with CLOVER's "QUICK" Yo-Yo Maker.

Cut fabric along with the plate by Bordeaux Ultimate Scissors.

You can thread easily with Desk Needle Threader.

Start stitching with Black Gold Needle.

Keep stitching.

Completed stitching round.

Remove the plate.

Pull the thread and make fabric gathered.

Make a knot and cut the thread with "KUROHA" Thread Clipper.

Now, a Yo-Yo is finished!

It's fun to make Yo-Yo with favorite fabric!