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Black Gold Needles


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Excellent rust resistance and achieves a smooth pass-through of fabric

Gold-plated eye makes it easier to thread the needle

The characteristic softness of the pure gold used in the eye prevents thread from fraying and breaking. The Clover original oval shape of the eye gives it strength, while making it easier to thread. Grooves for the thread have also been added to help the needle pass smoothly through fabric.

Strong, sharp tip

Clover’s unique polishing process. To strengthen the tip, the fi rst 0.5 mm are polished to a cone shape.

Special black plating deters rust

The special black plating is much more rust-resistant than the usual nickel plating. Polishing the needle in line with the shaft means there is less friction when it passes through fabric and less force is required to sew.

Bend and break-resistant

The needle shaft uses high-quality steel. Our quenching and tempering processes maximise the strength and elasticity characteristics for the optimum balance.