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Make beautiful slash quilts quickly!

The cutter comes with a guides for both straight/curved

It works with both types of slash quilts by switching the interchangeable guides. Both for stitching intervls wider than 6mm. *This cutter only supports Clover’s
replacement blades.

Slash quilting is a method of quilting. In this method, multiple layers of fabric are arranged on top of a base fabric and are sewn parallel to the true bias direction. Then, seams of all layers but the bottom layer are cut through and washed, and the fabric of the openings is raised.

The ratchet mechanism to firmly fi x the blade in place

The ratchet mechanism to prevent the blade from rotating when it is being pushed. As the blade doesn’t rotate, the fabric won’t get caught in between the blade and the guide, allowing for smooth cutting of several layers of fabric.

16-step pitch feeding to maintain cutting quality

Turn 1 pitch once the blade becomes dull to improve cutting quality. It is designed so that it is easy to tell when to replace the blade.




Slash Quilt Rug Bag


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