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Hair Pin Lace: Frilly Scarf


Готовый размер

• Length: 126 cm Approx. • Width: 22 cm Approx.


• Medium yarn (100 m/25 g) 70 g

• Lace yarn (220 ml 50 g ) 8 g


• 26.5 loops on each side =10cm



Лист с инструкциями (pdf)




Step 1. Make strips


Strips A : A-1 / A-2
Set Hair Pin Lace Tool 6 cm width. Make 2 strips A of 318 loops on each side.

Strip B
Set Hair Pin Lace Tool 4 cm width. Make strips B of 318 loops on each side.

Strip C
Set Hair Pin Lace Tool 3 cm width. Make strips C of 744 loops on each side.


Step 2. Connect Strip A to B


Start work with Strip A-1 to B: 3mm crochet hook place the strips as seen on the diagram on the right. Insert hook from front into first 2 loops on the left side of Strip B then into first 2 loops on the right side of Strip A-1, pull loops 'a' through loops 'b' , *insert hook into next loops Strip B, pull loops 'b' through loops 'a' , insert the hook into next loops 'a' , pull through loops 'b' * repeat the work* to*.
Make sure not to twist the loops through your work. At the last loops put Stitch Marker to secure the loops until connecting the frame Strip C. Connect the Strip A-2 to Strip B by placing to the other side of B repeating the same work. And stop with a Stitch Marker as shown below.




Step 3. Connect Strip C

Make Strip C round by joining the beginning st to the end with sl st. Make sure not to twist the Strip C! then place C around the finished centre piece A-1, B, A-2. For connecting Strip C to centre piece follow the instruction of diagram on page 3.

How to connect Strip C
Connect Strip C to A-1, B, A-2 with Medium yarn by crochet hook 3.0 mm.
1. Ch1 Attach the thread to braid A 1 as shown on diagram with sl st. ch2, sc in 6 loops on inner part of Strip C. (insert the hook the loops in order and same direction) and ch5. Make dc into first 6 loops of A-1, do not close the first dc, yo and make 2nd
dc in the next 18 loops of braid C close 2dctog. Ch5 follow the diagram and continue attaching inner part to strip C through the end.
When you attach the top and bottom part
*-Double crochet and single crochet 2 stitches together .(check the diagram on right)
*- check the diagram on page 1 to find out where to make dc to secure the centre piece connections.
2. End of the row make sl st in the first sl st of the row. Cut the yarn weave to end.


Step 4. Edging


Work from the front side of the work use the Lace yarn #20, crochet hook 2.25 mm.
Ch1, sc in one of the outer loops, ch1, sc in next loop, ch1, sc in next loop. Continue through to the end. Finish row ch1, sl st in the first sc. Cut the yarn and secure it and weave in.