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Rosee Woodland

Pattern Notes

This hat uses Clover circular needles and double-pointed needles, stitch markers and bent tip tapestry needle.

You will cast on with circular needles.

Change to double-pointed needles during crown shaping, when there aren’t enough stitches for your circular needles.


XS (S: M: L)

Finished brim circumference 42 (47: 53: 58) cm

Choose a finished size a few centimetres smaller than your head circumference.

Height 25cm (all sizes)


19 sts x 22 rounds to 10cm, worked over stocking stitch and stranded colourwork using 4mm needles

19 sts x 25 rounds to 10cm, worked over stocking stitch using 4mm needles



West Yorkshire Spinners, The Croft Shetland Aran (Aran, 100% wool, 100g/166m)

1 skein (all sizes) in Main Colour (shown in Seafield/ dark teal)

Small amount in Contrast Colour (shown in Sullom/ cream)

Any pure wool or wool/alpaca blend yarn in an aran or worsted weight is suitable for this project


Beg beginning

K knit

K2tog knit 2 stitches together. 1 stitch decreased

P purl

Pm place marker

Rep repeat

RS right side

st(s) stitch(es)

Лист с инструкциями (pdf)





Using 3.5mm circular needle and MC cast on 80 (90: 100: 110) sts. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist sts and place contrasting colour marker for beg of round.

Rib round: *K1, P1; repeat from * to end of round.
Repeat rib round until brim measures 4cm from cast-on edge.

Change to 4mm circular needle. Knit across Round 1 of chart to end, placing a marker every 10 sts. You should have 8 (9: 10: 11) markers in total.

Join in contrast colour.
Work Rounds 2 to 41 of chart, working pattern 8 (9: 10: 11) times per round, and stranding colour not in use across the back of the work. On rounds when only one colour is in use you can carry the unused colour up the side of the work on the wrong side at beginning of round, or break and rejoin colours as desired. Choose whichever option gives you the neatest result - different knitters will find one better than the other!



You will now shape the crown of the hat. If preferred, you can follow chart rounds 42 to 55, or work from the written pattern below as follows. Remember to change to double-pointed needles when there aren′t enough sts for your circular needles.


Round 42 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K8, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 72 (81: 90: 99) sts]
Round 43: With CC, knit to end.
Round 44 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K7, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 64 (72: 80: 88) sts]
Round 45: With CC, knit to end.
Break CC and continue in MC only.
Round 46 (dec): *K2tog, K6, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 56 (63: 70: 77) sts]
Round 47: Knit to end.
Round 48 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K5, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 48 (54: 60: 66) sts]
Round 49: Knit to end.


Round 50 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K4, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 40 (45: 50: 55) sts]
Round 51: Knit to end.
Round 52 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K3, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 32 (36: 40: 44) sts]
Round 53: Knit to end.
Round 54 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K2, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 24 (27: 30: 33) sts]
Round 55 (dec): With MC, *K2tog, K1, slm; rep from * to end.
[8 (9: 10: 11) sts decreased; 16 (18: 20: 22) sts]
Do not break yarn.



Turn hat inside out so that WS is on the outside and RS are together. Distribute remaining 16 (18: 20: 22) sts so that they are on two double-pointed needles, with 8 (9: 10: 11) sts on each needle. With a third double-pointed needle, join the two sets of sts together using the three-needle cast off method. Turn hat RS out. Weave in ends. Block gently to even out fabric, but do not stretch.