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Meshwork Bag


♦Fusible tape used for meshwork♦

• Cotton print (Brown border) — A 90- 110 cm width x 50 cm

• Cotton print (Green check) — B

• Cotton print (Yellow check) — C

*[A] Trim the border grip at a width of 3.5 cm (3.5 x 25 cm used for 40 pieces)

*[B] · [C] Trim each to 3.5 cm wide

(For 90 cm width, 3.5 x 90 for each 14 pieces)

(For 110 cm width 3.5 x 110 for each 10 pieces)

Лист с инструкциями (pdf)

P_12_Meshwork Bagのサムネイル



Draw the base line (thick line) and the reference line (thin line) on the foundation cloth (2 pcs.)


Draw a center line and completion line on the front side of the foundation cloth [E]

Draw a vertical line at a length of 3.6 cm

Draw horizontal lines in both directions
*It is useful if you have a ruler or protractor that can draw an angle of 60 °.




Place the foundation cloth on an ironing board.

Fix 20 pieces of fusible tape from [A Brown border]side by side with pins.

Align the fusible tape of [B Green check] with the diagonal base line at the center and pass it in the direction from the upper right to the lower left. Add 1 piece of tape to the two vertical pieces of [A Brown border] on the front for support, and repeat.

From the second piece, pass through the vertical strips as shown in the digram below.

Pass the fusible tape of [C Yellow check] in the direction from the lower right to the upper left [A Brown border] 1 piece of tape on left and right [B Green check] Sliding under the second and third pieces as you go. Repeat the process. Continue with step [C Yellow check] to the side and it will become a pattern.

After completing the assembly, bond it to the foundation cloth with an iron.

Sew a line of stitching 5 mm outside the finish line.


Tailor the Bag

Make the front by sewing upper cloth and base to meshwork.

Take the [E] back cloth, the quilt batting and the front cloth from 1. and pile them together. Quilt them together using a sewing machine.


When going around the outer edges with the sewing machine, leave a 1 cm margin for a seam.


Turn the front cloth inside out and stitch both sides with 4.5 cm wide bias cloth [E Unbleached] and tidy the cloth edges with piping. Next pinch up the base cloth corners into a triangle and sew in a gusset.


Tidy up the bag with opening cloth.


Use [D Brown] cloth for the finishing off of the handle.