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A Testament To Ancient Wisdom “HERA”



Clover offers two types of "HERA";

the patchwork model (Art. No. 490/NV)

and the appliqué model (Art. No. 4002).

The kimono has been used as both everyday and celebratory clothing since ancient times.

Today too, it is used as celebratory clothing on a variety of occasions.

The kimono has some cotton included in it, but most of the garment is made from silk material.

A kimono is not only decorated by hand, it also uses myriad colors, has woven scenes, and always features an elegant, intricate pattern.

Its tailoring is also done very carefully, and requires highly refined technique.

The "HERA" is a tool that has long been used to mark the fabric during the creation of a kimono.

Rather than using pigment of chalk to mark the fabric, a mark that shines is created using pressure from a hera.

To invent a tool that leaves a mark, yet does no damage to the fabric, is certainly a testament to ancient wisdom.

Clover has arranged the "HERA" to be useful in a wide range of ways, including sewing, patchwork, and quilting.

Art. No. 490/NV "HERA" MARKER

Art. No. 490/NV is convenient for use in marking seams.

Made from urea resin, the hera has an easy-to-hold handle, and its shape makes applying pressure a breeze.

In addition, because the portion that is marked is thinner, it is very convenient when marking thin lines.

Using the hera is harmless to fabric, and leaves no fold.

The hera is used by pressing it to leave a mark in the desired location.

Two tricks are to leave a space for straight lines, and to make curves by making several small indentations.


Art. No. 4002 creates beautiful curves, making it a wonderful tool for seams in appliqué.

Its thin tip and ideal "HERA" shape allows it to turn perfectly for appliqué and reverse appliqué marking.

The Clover "HERA" is an indispensable item for quilting.