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Holiday Gift Guide – Recommended by CLOVER –

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 We've put together a list of the CLOVER products that would delight any crafter by genre. Impress your friends and loved ones who loves all things handmade with awesome holiday gifts.

3033 Quick Locking Stitch Marker Set

Lock-type stitch marker.
It can also be used in the unlocked position. Its undulated design prevents stretching of knitted stitches. Handy compact case included.
Small: 10 pcs./Medium: 20 pcs./Large: 6 pcs.

3003 Knittng Accessory Set

Must-have knitting tools in a compact case.

1. Point Protectors
2. Knitting Register
3. Double-Ended Stitch Holders
4. Lock Ring Markers
5. Jumbo Tapestry Needle
6. Tapestry Needle No. 17
7. Tape Measure-60"/1.5m
8. Knitting Needle Gauge
9. Case

348, 349 Yarn Guide (Medium, Large)

Passing the yarn through the guide allows you to smoothly separate and knit two or more yarns for stranded
knitting or color work.
The cover can be opened and closed for easy insertion and removal of yarn. There is no need to worry about yarn slipping off during knitting.

3674 Amour Crochet Hook Set

Amour Crochet Hooks are incredibly soft and allow the yarn to slide without any effort. Amour handles are in vibrant colors to easily identify sizes. The handle is made of elastomer rubber, allowing you to experience comfortable and stress free crochet.

3114 Antique Yarn Threader

Threader Made Spcially for knitting yarn.

This plate-like solid threader with a large hole is very convenient when using threads that are difficult to thread, such as hard-twist lace thread and fancy yarn.

339, 3121, 340, 3168 Darning Needle Set

Darning needles are essential for hand-knitting, including darning and grafting. Yarn-friendly darning needles that prevent yarns from splitting with their rounded tips.

Convenient and lovely carrying case with a screw on cap stores needles neatly.

\ Awesome Holiday Gift Set /

Desk Needle threader & Black Gold Needles

4071, 4072, 4073 Desk Needle Threader

Thread both large-sized and small-sized needles easily and flawlessly. You can easily thread needles of any size by inserting them into the same place and pressing a button.
*Most of Clover Needles (0.51-0.89 mm) for sewing and patchwork can be threaded. Choose Clover Needles for smooth threading!

4960-4983 Black Gold Needles

The finest and most exquisite needles ever. Experience astonishing smoothness with each use.

3210 Wonder Pins (20pcs.)

Wonder Pins are a revolutionary new "pin concept" to temporarily hold layers of fabric together instead of safety pins and straight pins. Open and close with one hand for ease of pinning. 

20 pieces/package. 

4130,4131 Sweet 'n Sharp Macaron

Cute magnetic needle holder & Needle sharpener.

Catch needles on magnetic surface. Polish needles with cream filled cushion. Needles sharpened regularly penetrate smoothly the fabric.

3129 Pom-pom Marker Set

The measuring scale on the arch makes it easy to create multi-colored pom-poms. Triangle markings help secure arches from shifting during use. 

*Pom-Pom Makers are also sold separately

Extra Small (Art. No 3127)
Small (Art. No 3124)
Large (Art. No 3126)
Jumbo (Art. No 3128)

9940, 9941 Tassel Maker (small, Large)

Create tassels with your favorite threads! Easily make tassels with embroidery thread, woolen yarns and others.

9943 Bracelet Maker

Make decorative bracelets by knotting and weaving threads. Create 8 different bracelet styles with a variety of decorative yarns, threads and beads.
To create bracelets, set a warp thread on the Bracelet Maker and use a shuttle and another thread, incorporating weaving and knotting techniques.

・Bracelet Maker
・Handy instructions for different knot techniques


We hope our list helps you find the perfect gift!!

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