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Mini Wonder Clips & Wonder Clips by Clover



What is it?

You know them. You love them. And they’re everywhere. Few sewing, knitting or crafting tools have ever enjoyed a more widespread and enthusiastic reception.

Years after their introduction they are still perhaps the most versatile and useful sewing tool ever devised. Often copied but never equaled, the Wonder Clip designed and manufactured by Clover not only exhibits the highest, most exacting manufacturing standards but is the only true Wonder Clip that continues to evolve to meet the developing needs of sewing, knitting and crafting trends and techniques.

And evolved it has. Clover is very excited about the latest sequel to its legendary precursors. The new Mini Wonder Clip is destined to be big, very big. It is designed specifically for the most difficult work we do . . . detail work.

The Mini Wonder Clip sports a more fine point which makes it perfect for any application requiring absolute precision. Miniature patchwork, doll clothes, appliqué or any other requirement for holding small sections of fabric together while still leaving room to manipulate your project for sewing.

Think of how difficult it is to hold binding around a very tight corner on your project. For this and so many other sewing challenges Clover’s new Mini Wonder Clip simply means “Problem Solved”.

What does it do?

Wonder Clips are the absolute best choice for holding sewn materials together during the creative process.

Quilt bindings, hems, piping, seams, etc., can all be held in place while sewing. Don’t forget, no pin marks in leather, delicate or vinyl/laminate type fabrics. They are equally perfect for knitters when joining side seams, sleeve insertions, sleeve seams. For crafters they are like having a “third hand” that can hold any craft material securely in position while the project is manipulated.

Mini Wonder Clips

The Mini Wonder Clip is 7mm wide at the handle and 3mm wide at the business end, the pointed tip. It opens to almost 12mm which allows it to accommodate several layers of fabric or other materials. They are available in packs of 20 and 50 clips.

Art. No. 3188 Mini Wonder Clips (20 pcs.) 

Art. No. 3189 Mini Wonder Clips (50 pcs.)


Wonder Clips

The Original Wonder Clip is 10mm wide and 21mm long. It opens to 12mm. The base is also marked in 3mm increments to ensure accurate and uniform placement and application. They are available in packs of 10, 50 and 100 clips.

Art. No. 3155 Wonder Clips (10 pcs.)

Art. No. 3156 Wonder Clips (50 pcs.)

Art. No. 3159 Wonder Clips (100 pcs.)

By Steve Butler