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Quality Leads to Passion




The days when scissors were only good if the person using them was good are over.

Clover technology has created KUROHA, which has combined the refined skill of the scissor craftsman with machine precision to gain the loyalty of many users since its release.

Machined to perfect precision quality,

Black scissors leave consistent shapes and cuts every time

The handle and blades of Clover's KUROHA are created separately, raising their precision of shape and connection point and thereby eliminating the need for separate machining of blade points. The Clover process has made large-scale production of consistently high-quality scissors possible.

Clover has created the perfect scissor feel for any user by improving both blade and handle.

Highly precise machining gives the blade faces a smooth and tight fit with each other, making better cuts and cut continuation possible.

Using a special resin for the handles, the KUROHA has the optimum combination of resilience and durability against bending.

Together, this blade precision and comfortable grip make the scissors a warm, friendly item to enjoy using.

Developed by Clover, Produced by Clover for the Highest Quality

Maintaining the easy-to-use traditional shape, KUROHA feature the latest technology and materials.

In addition to sharp, accurate cuts, the scissors also have handles made of custom resin to afford the user a lightness and durability.

Blade: Carbon Tooled Steel

Handle: Fiber Glass Reinforced Resin

Blade tips meet precisely because of accurate and consistent shaping.

Each pair is hand-tested for its cut before going to market.