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Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles Takumi


Product Features

"Prevents tiredness even during long hours of knitting. Bamboo knitting needles made for avid knitters."

The Secret to Smooth Knitting

"• Excellent durability
Only the finest parts of natural bamboo are used for knitting needles that perform year after year

• Clover’s original, ideally shaped needle tip.
Takumi Needles are comfortable to hold and will keep your yarn from splitting.

• Uniform shaft
These needles feature a special finish that make shafts even—promising neat stitches and finishing.

• Smooth surface finish
The surface is carefully finished to fit your hand comfortably and to make sure that yarn glides smoothly along the needles."

Why Clover uses bamboo for knitting needles

"Light and strong.
Pliable with excellent flexibility and slide"

With bamboo knitting needles, your hands do not tire easily, even after many hours of knitting—their flexibility helps you knit uniform stitches, making them easy for beginners to use.

A sustainable material

As bamboo grows much faster than trees, it is gaining attention as an eco-friendly material.

Only the most premium parts of the bamboo are used for the needles

Place of origin is limited to cold areas with little snow

Bamboo in cold areas with little snow is very resistant to bending making this bamboo most desirable for knitting needles.Heavy snow conditions result in bent bamboo.

We harvest bamboo only during winter and use only the highest quality bamboo with tightly packed fibers

"Takumi uses only bamboo of a key age (of 4 to 5 years) that gives it strength as well as uniform width and length.
Young bamboo less than 3 years old is too soft while bamboo older than 5 years is too fragile. 4 to 5 year old bamboo is the most durable bamboo to use. Cutting period is limited to winter. Bamboo in winter has less moisture and the fiber is more compact."

Uses only bamboo that is close to the surface and most suited to knitting needles

Only the section close to the surface of the bamboo, where the fibers are dense, strong and viscous, is used. We use only those bamboo sections between nodes (internodes) that have adequate density. We do not use bamboo nodes(joints) or the pieces, adjacent to nodes because those woody fibers are not straight enough.

Clover Quality

Needle Tips are Finished Using a Machine Developed In-house

Our original, easy-to-knit needle tips that prevent yarn splitting have an ideal shape made possible by our self-developed machine. Processes that require precision are still completed manually, one by one.

Strict Quality Control

Each step of Takumi's production process is subject to strict quality standards, and only needles that pass all of these standards are sold. It is thanks to this strict quality control system that Takumi has been a long-selling product since its creation more than several decades ago.