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Mini Iron II™ “The Adapter” (EU Version)

This small, light iron is very easy to handle and can be used to press small areas.
It features a safety cover and switch on the handle to protect hands and fingers.
Small iron tip
Able to press only the necessary areas.
Safety cover
Protects hands and fingers coming into contact with the heated conductor.
Thick handle
It fits into your hand comfortably for smooth craftwork.
Handy switch
It also features a dial for heat control and an on/off switch on the handle.
Pilot lamp
You can tell the power is on with one look.
2-step heat control
Convenient not only for patchwork and quilt but also for sewing and other various handcrafts.
※The Mini Iron II and related accessories can only be sold to customers living in the above-mentioned countries.

Art No.8003EU

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