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Emboidery Stitching Tool: Elephant picture



Sachiyo Ishii


Elephant picture:

• 15cm x 15cm Oxford Cotton fabric

• 6-ply embroidery thread in soft pink, red, lilac, blue, soft yellow, yellow-green, orange, grey, dark brown

• Fabric glue

• 13cm wooden embroidery hoop

• String

Owl picture:

• 15cm x 15cm Oxford Cotton fabric

• 6-ply embroidery thread in peach, soft pink, salmon pink, Burgundy red, green, yellow, dark brown

• A small amount of white felt

• Fabric glue

• 13cm wooden embroidery hoop

• String


Emboidery Stitching Tool-Elephant picture_template_enのサムネイル

Лист с инструкциями (pdf)




Elephant picture: step1

Transfer the motif onto the fabric, using Chacopy.

Place the fabric in hoop. For the best result, use Clover Embroidery Hoop which grips the fabric firmly.


Elephant picture: step2

Using the Embroidery Stitching Tool, adjust the needle length to position 1 and start stitching. Work the outline of the body motif first and fill in the body from outer edge towards centre, referring to photo for colours. When you finish one colour, leave a fairly long end, thread end through chenille needle and fill in any gaps with hand stitching if needed. Work all the body parts.

Work the details. For the eye, make a French knot, using dark brown. Make a French knot beneath the star. Embroider tail with straight stitch, using grey.


Elephant picture: step3

Using chenille needle and referring to photo for colours, embroider flowers and leaves with straight stitch, using chenille needle. French knot the centre of flowers.

Lightly coat the loops on the wrong side of work with fabric glue. Allow it to dry.


Elephant picture: step4

Release the work from hoop and place it in the wooden hoop which works as a frame. Trim the excess fabric, leaving about 1cm outside of the hoop. Fold back the fabric edge and glue it to the hoop.

Attach the string.


Owl picture: step1

Follow the instruction given for the elephant project. Work the owl, using the Embroidery Stitching Tool. Start with the outline and fill in the motif, leaving out the face.


Owl picture: step2

Cut out white felt fabric to the template and place it on the owl. Embroider eyes and beak, piercing through both fabric and felt layers.


Owl picture: step3

Using chenille needle and green thread, embroider leaves with straight stitches.
Work French knots with soft pink.


Owl picture: step4

Finish the project the same way as the elephant project.