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Projects usingCircular Knitting NeedlesPRO «Takumi®»

Use circular needles to knit a whole range of things. As well as circular knitting, they can also be used for flat knitting and for making small goods in a magic loop, instead of using five needles.

There's a whole range of styles of hats to knit

Try making a warm and stylish knitted hat. Add a pattern or a pom-pom.




Круговые спицы PRO «Takumi®» 16 дюймов/40 см (US4/3,5mm)

Knitted socks that make you happy just by putting them on your feet

Socks are a go-to project for knitters. They can be knitted in a short time with a small amount of yarn, and the choices of colours and designs are endless.


Short Socks


Бамбуковые круговые спицы для вязания Takumi 80cm/2.25mm

Shawls to enjoy from early autumn through to the start of spring

Easy-to-wear shawls that can be quickly put on when the weather turns chilly. Knitting a large one will require many stitches, so it is best to use circular needles.


Spring Ombre Shawl


Бамбуковые круговые спицы для вязания Takumi 80cm/4.00mm

Use circular needles to make an Amigurumi

Compared with crotchet, a knitted Amigurumi is softer and more gentle to touch.


Amigurumi Cuddly Koala


Бамбуковые круговые спицы для вязания Takumi 60cm/10.00mm

Избранный проект

Easy and cute punch embroidery

Fill your home with handmade goods this Christmas

Great for beginners! Handmade accessories

Trick or treat! Enliven the Halloween spirit with your own handmade works