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Floral Bouquet


• Organdy/ Linen

for Yo-Yo <Extra Small> approx. 5 cm x 5 cm for 1 pc.

for Yo-Yo <Extra Large> approx. 15 cm x 15 cm for 1 pc.

for Yo-Yo <Jumbo> approx. 22 cm x 22 cm for 1 pc.

• 3-5 cm wide white or ecru wired edge ribbon

• Pearl Beads assorted sizes

• White Floral Wire

• White Floral Tape

• 1 pkg. Dried Baby’ s Breath

• 2 Stems Small Silk Flowers

• 12-13 Small Dried Seed Pods

Project sheet (pdf)




Calla Lily Flower (Make 7)

1. Make one basic jumbo yo-yo.
2. Fold lower left side of the yo-yo to the center, then lower right side to the center. Snug up the crossover and stitch closed using hidden stitches. 1
3. Attach Floral Wire Stem
4. Insert stem wire through the center of the folded area and bend the wire down approx. 2"" (5 cm) 2
5. Push the hook back down through the center,catching the fabric to secure the wire to the lily. 3
6. Twist the short end of the wire to the stem and wrap with floral tape. 4
7. Add a pearl or one extra small yo-yo over the center hole.


Round Flower (Make 1)


1. Make one basic jumbo yo-yo.
2. Make approx. 7 extra small yo-yos.
3. Stitch the extra small yo-yos to the center of the jumbo yo-yo starting in the center and going around until you reach the desired look.
4. Attach Floral Wire Stem (see directions E ).


Petal Flower with Jumbo Yo-Yo Center (Make 1)


1. Use wired edge ribbon to make petals. (5)
2. Sew petals into a circle. (6)
3. Make one extra large yo-yo and set it in the center of the petals.
4. Stitch in place adding a pearl in the center.
5. Attach Floral Wire Stem (see directions E ).





Petal/Leaf Shape


■ After making the basic yo-yo, adjust the gathers downwards off center to form an oblong shape.
Finish by inserting the needle and thread through the center of the hole and tie off.
■ Petals are used to build flowers.
■ Leaf shape is used as filler in the bouquet and has a stem attached. Make 2 or more for filling out the bouquet.


Attaching Floral Wire for Stem


1. Gently insert one end of the floral wire through the back of the base of the yo-yo for about 2"".
(5 cm) 7
2. Bend the wire and gently push the short end back through the base of the flower, twist the wire around the stem, securing the flower to the wire. 8
3. Wrap the twisted area with the Floral Tape.



Large Flower (Make 2)


1. Make one basic jumbo yo-yo.
2. Position 5 yo-yo petals around the base and stitch.
3. Fill in with the extra small yo-yos (approx. 15-16) starting at the base of the petals and working around toward the center, placing the final yo-yo in the center.
4. Stitch a pearl in the center of each extra small yo-yo as they are sewn to the base.
5. Attach Floral Wire Stem (see directions E ).




Bend the floral wire as the flowers are being placed in their vase to give that just-picked look. Fill in with Baby's Breath, Silk Flowers and Seed Pods ... or any other fillers of your choice.