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“Quick Cut” Thread Cutter


Product Features

"Quick-Cut"- Chain piece cutting done quickly and efficiently

Designed to be fast and safe

❶ Easily accessible cutting function.
❷ Accomodates threads to yarns.
❸ Safely denies finger access to protect your fingers from the blade.

When the blade becomes dull, just turn the dial. You can get a new blade edge 12 times

Blade replacement easily accomplished without tools.
*When you replace the blade, please be sure to use Clover's 45mm rotary blade.
Clover Rotary Blade Refill
ArtNo.7508 (45mm / 1 pc.) 7509 (45 mm/5 pcs.)

Convenient height and non-slip base ensures flawless cutting motion

Body size: W 54 x H 78 x D 38 (mm)

“Quick Cut” Thread Cutter